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In any case, pay attention to the so-called Terms & Conditions! This is important. It is the rules set up by Midland Europe for using CBtalk. The rules are also monitored by administrators who intervene if these rules are violated. If, for example, a radio operator is insulted, threatened or insulted, or a radio operator is overwhelmed with offensive offers, an administrator on channel 9 (= call and help channel) can be asked for help (if not present on the channel anyway). If users (see first paragraph of the rules) behave repeatedly and repeatedly, this should be reported directly to an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. These rules are translated 1 to 1 into other languages and apply worldwide on CBtalk.

adobe 64x64 billionphotos 1209956 64x64Simply click on the PDF symbol and read the Terms & Conditions exactly, the first three pages are valid worldwide.
For Germany, some further details were then explained in detail!

If you don't have a PDF reader installed, you can also read the rules here



PERMANENT BANNING OFFENSES:Users found to have maliciously, purposely, with intent to cause financial/personal/professional harm towards Midland, will be permanently banned


The use of the App is allowed only for people over 18 and it is subject to the approval of this regulation, the term of use and privacy policy.


Always be polite, even when you disagree.Be cooperative with beginners, provide them with advice and suggestions when necessary.Promote the meeting of rational arguments that can feed the conversation.If you disapprove something, remember to criticize the ideas, not the person who formulates them. Be respectful with everyone, especially with women.It is forbidden to:

  • insult, use offensive language, scurrilous, blasphemous, racist, sexist
  • insert unsuitable or pornographic audio
  • make personal attacks
  • react instinctively and with little thoughtful


The Groups are like rooms where people meet and speak.Make the effort to understand which is the group whose themes meet your liking, so as to encourage a mutual entertainment as interesting and pleasant as possible.Groups are for everyone, but it is necessary to respect the topics that people are dealing with at the time.

Before intervening, listen and choose the most opportune moment.

PROHIBITED to divulge audio conversations:Restrain from recordingconversations and especially by disclosing them on CBTalk or other social media (in addition to being contrary to the regulation it is also punishable by the law).

Don’tplay music on groups and channels, regardless of whether it iscopyrighted

No to the frenzy “repetitive quick key”of the PTT:Always leave a pause before pressing the PTT again, speak briefly and concisely, without monopolizing the conversation.When the group is very large, leave room for all participants to interveneAvoid “ping pong” with the same interlocutor, if you need to continue the conversation with a specific user, move to another free group or in channel mode (CH).


Every nation has their own language groups, please avoid speaking a different language.

If you notice a PROBLEM:

Report it to an administrator, who has the function of moderation and exclusion of recidivist users who violate this regulation.

Avoid responding directly to the troublemaker, never insultthem.Ignoretroublemakersand put them in to the "black list".Warning: do not abuse the blacklist.

For example, you cannot put a person on the black list, simply because he isjustlistening on the channel.

Those whoarewronglyusing the black list, are subject to judgement by Midland and its administrators; if this use is considered inadequate, they could be permanently banned.

With your help, administrators can support a happy use of CB Talk by all users who use it correctly.In the absence of an administrator, you can always communicate directly to Midland by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Midland, at its discretion, can delete (ban) a user from the App either temporarily or permanently.Similarly, it can also silence entire groups or channels.