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Download CBtalk


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Search for Midland CBtalk for Android
Click on the symbol and you get to the playstore

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For iPhones, search for Midland CBtalk
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  • A constant internet connection is a must
  • A valid SIM card that can receive SMS
  • GPS receiver must be available
  • GPS must be switched on
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CBtalk Setup Apple iPhone


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If you have an Apple iPhone and want to install CBtalk, you have to do the following.

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The requirements for CBtalk to work properly are:

  • A cell phone
  • A valid SIM card that can receive SMS
  • GPS receiver must be present and GPS must be switched on

Here are the steps to install CBtalk on an iPhone

  • Visit iStore
  • Download CBtalk to the iPhone
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CH Mode EmergencyThis category describes how to download and install CBtalk.

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categorie channel

The channel mode comes closest to the 'real' HF CB radio. It looks and works like a CB radio. The programmers put a lot of effort into it and lovingly designed the layout - the perfect implementation of a radio on a cell phone.

Up to 40 (with Dual Mike 80) channels are available. With the squelch controller, as with the CB radio, everything can be suppressed that corresponds to a 'weak' station, i.e. is further away. For this reason, the information km can also be seen on the rotary knob.

Control with a display modeled on the classic pointer instrument, seen at the top right. Channel selector switch, talk button and the switches e.g. for mic gain are also available.


GRP ModeGroup mode has the advantage of unlimited range. For example, if a user from the USA visits your country, your group channel, you can talk across the Atlantic.

A possibility that many CB radio operators would often wish for with the 'real' CB radio. So it is also advisable to recommend the CBtalk to his radio friends in order to stay in contact if it doesn't work out with the radio via antenna - or if you have 'lost' yourself.

Up to four other countries apart from the home country can be added - the possibilities are almost inexhaustible.

Just so: if the children are interested, Cbtalk is a great way to learn and practice foreign languages.