CBtalk Operation modes

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Basically, CBtalk has enormous possibilities. So here are the two main operating modes and their function

CBtalk AUT09 appGROUP - the group mode, 195 countries are available, each country has 15 or more group channels which are displayed in a list. In some countries, channel 9 (e.g. AUT09, DEU09 etc.) is highlighted in yellow from the list. This serves to find the channel quickly and easily, on the one hand, and on the other hand it should point out the special importance of channel 9. Please read the article 'The thing with channel 9' to understand why this is a channel with a special function, where it comes from and how it should be used.

cbtalk channelmode CH09CHANNEL - the channel mode is shown like a CB radio. The surface of the CBtalk not only looks like a CB radio device, it also works that way. 40 channels (with Dual Mike 80 channels) are then available with a range of 30 km (with Dual Mike 100 km). The controller squelch (= rausperre) also functions similarly to CB radio in which the radius of the stations that can be received increases or decreases. Therefore, km is also given in the labeling.


Rules have to be

In any case, pay attention to the so-called Terms & Conditions! This is important. It is the rules set up by Midland Europe for using CBtalk. The rules are also monitored by administrators who intervene if these rules are violated. If, for example, a radio operator is insulted, threatened or insulted, or a radio operator is overwhelmed with offensive offers, an administrator on channel 9 (= call and help channel) can be asked for help (if not present on the channel anyway).

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Simply click on the PDF symbol and read the Terms & Conditions exactely, the first three pages are valid worldwide. For English language, some further details were then explained in detail.

 The GROUP Mode

In group mode you can broadcast worldwide, there are no restrictions on the range. So you can e.g. Add other countries (up to 4 other countries besides your home country) and your list will then be expanded to include these countries. Do you add e.g. England (United Kingdom) so you can see channels that start with the letters GBRxx. GBR is the country code, then the channel number. Now you can tap one of these channels and you're already e.g. in England and can speak to the stations there.

The CHANNEL mode