Dual Mike Manual

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Dual Mike - the start


DualMike BoxIn order to put the Midland Dual Mike into operation, you should note a few points

  • Always charge fully for the first few days overnight! Important when starting up for the first time. Only then will the battery reach its full capacity. Batteries are delivered in the so-called 'storage mode', i.e. about 60% charged, and there is a protective layer in the battery in the lithium layer. This must be destroyed to reach full capacity. This is achieved by always fully charging the battery in the first few days.
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Dual Mike Overview


dualmike handThe Dual Mike, whether the version with cable or the wireless version offers great opportunities. Midland has achieved a great success with the Dual Mike, for the first time a microphone with noise canceling, two Bluetooth chips are installed, an efficient speaker, a battery with 750 mAh capacity and a novelty is the possibility to update the Midland Dual Mike via USB and PC . For example, the firmware can be uploaded and you can be sure to always have the latest functions available.

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